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Do You Know What I Do For Work? – VRHotPorn.Top Jenna Noelle, Kayley Gunner – VRHush


Do You Know What I Do For Work?

Jenna Noelle hit up Kayley Gunner needing a place to crash. She has not visited her friend in a very long time and it seemed like the perfect moment to catch up. Besides, Jenna has always had a bit of a lesbian crush on her. Kayley always was the popular girl in high school and had all the boys begging for more. After a fun night together the two passed out in Kayley’s bedroom. In the morning Jenna just had to ask a question that has been on her mind ever since she arrived at her friend’s house. How in the world does Kayley afford this place? Jenna should of known the answer though. The lighting, cameras and other bits of equipment around the place clearly indicated Kayley has been doing lots of web camming. Kayley has a fantastic idea. Why not show Jenna Noelle exactly how she makes all her money. Maybe even let Jenna live out her lesbian fantasy with her while making some extra money on the side? All Jenna needs to do is reach over and grab the cameras while Kayley goes down and tastes her tight little pussy…