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Fill Me Already Please


Fill Me Already Please !

Remember those magic carpets in Aladdin that flew from place to place? Well, this is a similar idea, but with beer. The beer is enclosed in a sealed glass balloon, and when you snip the balloon, the beer rushes out, filling your glass. So simple, yet so awesome! Today, the Fill Me Already Please! is $5.99, a 50% discount from the normal $12.99. Fill Me Already Please! – Fills most regular size glasses (16 oz.) 5.0 stars based on 1 rating. Perfect gift for the beer lover. I love having beer, and I love filling my glass up with beer, so this is the perfect thing for me. The Fill Me Already Please! includes:

A glass ballon A scissor 2 16 oz. glasses A hand pump. The balloon is sealed on both ends, and when you snip it, the beer rushes out. You can fill the balloon at any angle. It looks really cool, and fills the glass fast. We use this at work all the time. It works great, and fills your glass up fast. The Fill Me Already Please! normally costs $12.99, but it is on sale today for just $5.99. That’s a huge discount!

If you have a beer lover in your life, the Fill Me Already Please! would make a nice gift.

Actors: Michaela Denver