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Teen Girl’s Adventure ;)


Teen Girl’s Adventure 😉 Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey all!

So, I have so much to tell you guys about! Like, I got a phone again, and it’s awesome! I got a new phone, it’s a cellphone, and it’s so cool! You can ask it anything, and it will give you facts! (it has myspace on it too…YAY!) And, the guys at the cellphone place showed me how to use the text messaging thing, and it’s awesome! You type it in, and then it’s unsent. You can just choose who you want to send it to, and then it can send the text right to their phone! It’s so cool!

So, anyways…

So, I was hanging out with my friends (the ones from church), and we went to the park. It was so much fun! We did the swings, and thats when I had an idea!

So, we were all hanging out at the park, and I saw my one friend (whos name I dont want to mention, since she doesn’t want me to…) get pushed by a guy, and she just laughed about it! So, I walked up to her, and (acting like I didnt see her getting pushed) I asked her if the guy pushed her. She said yes, and I hugged her and laughed! Then, I asked it if she wanted me to punch him, and she just laughed again!

So, then, she told me I should just go and punch him. So, I did. I walked up behind him, and punched him. He fell over, knocking over another kid, and I walked away laughing!

But, it got me thinking…

You know, it was wrong for me to do that! It was wrong for me to go and punch him, when I wasn’t in danger. It was wrong, and I feel bad about it! But, it also got me thinking…

I wonder why I did that?

I wonder why, when my friend got shoved, and I hugged her and laughed, it made me think about punching the guy? Why didnt I think about hugging and comforting her? Why did it make me think about hitting him?

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, I don’t really like that guy. (yeah, I know, it’s sad) But, I’ve never really liked him. He’s always made weird comments to me. Me and a friend of mine actually overheard him say “I hate you” to a girl! So, when I saw him push my friend, and she just

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