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Unmasking Marilyn Johnson

There is nothing more boring than having to spend the entire day in the office working on contracts and emails. That is exactly what Marilyn Johnson has had to do for the past few hours. To make it worse, she is supposed to be wearing a mask whenever you are in the office with her. When you returned to work Marilyn Johnson was in a particularly feisty mood and straight up refused to put her mask on correctly. In fact, not only will she not wear her mask but she also decided not to wear anything at all. She knows how much she turns you on. Marilyn constantly catches you staring at her ass throughout the day. You know what? Why not man up and take her ass. Marilyn Johnson isn’t in the mood to play around. Why don’t you stop being a little bitch, take your hard cock and go balls deep in her perfect ass. You may not be much help around the office, but Marilyn Johnson can still find some use for you… Even if you are a pain in the ass.

Actors: Marilyn Johnson